Awl For All

Comes with heavy duty thread and needles that store in the handle. The Easy To Use Leather & Canvas Repair Tool. Repairs Many Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, & Cloth Items. This wooden handled sewing awl is perfect for craft work as well as a wide variety of repairs.

Awl For All is the Perfect Tool for all your Repair Needs!

Helpful Hints

Before attempting to sew old or dry leather, soak it well with water.

When sewing, hold awl so that the groove in needle will always be away from you or slightly downward.

AWL for ALL – Sew with needle in same position at all times.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

How to thread and use the awl

Unscrew the top of the awl handle to find needles, nut and wrench/screwdriver. With screwdriver end of wrench, unscrew the bolt holding the thread spool. Remove the spool from the awl and run the end of the thread through the chuck opening. Replace spool on awl. Put a needle in the chuck with needle groove on the same side that the thread comes off the reel. With the wrench, tighten the chuck with nut holding needle. Thread needle, being sure thread follows groove on needle

1.) Put the thread through the needle and extend the length to about 1/2 inch past the needle point. Hold forefinger loosely on reel so it will turn.

2.) Insert threaded needle through material.

3.) On opposite side of material, take the end of the thread and pull out to a length of about 18 inches, or twice the distance of the seam you wish to sew.

4.) With loose end of thread in one hand, grasp awl firmly with the other. (Hold reel with forefinger so that it will not turn.) Withdraw awl from material so that there is 1 and 1/2 inches of thread between material and point of needle. In this position, release the reel and begin the second stitch by inserting the needle at the proper distance through the material for length of stitch desired. Now slowly withdraw the needle part way out, holding reel with finger so it will not turn. This will form a loop on opposite side of groove in needle.

5.) Insert loose end of thread through loop, holding the reel firmly so that it will not turn. Pull awl and thread with equal force in opposite directions to form the stitch. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the entire length of the seam.

6.) To end the seam, insert awl needle through material and pull thread approximately 3 inches. Cut thread 1/2 inch from needle and pull needle from material. Tie remaining two threads together in knot.